Your Artist Within

As soul led entrepreneurs we are essentially artists.

We are creatives. We are here to create art. To create our message. To lead with our truth.

And to be said artist and leader we MUST stop looking to the path that others have led before us.
We can be inspired, yes. But we must create our own path. Our own way.

An artist does not follow. An artist creates.

They lead their own path through creating from the heart, from passion, from emotion, from love.

An artist does not do it for money. They do it because they can not NOT do it. They must do it. It’s what they feel called to do. It’s what makes them feel best to do.

And when an artist steps fully into their full creative and brilliant potential they will receive money for the gift they offer because it becomes like a shining light inviting an audience who resonate.

An artist knows that some people will hate their art and some people will simply take no notice of it and move on. None of those people count.

The people who count are the ones who are drawn to the art. Who say yes to the art. They are the ones who matter. You don’t create for them. And yet you do create for them.

You don’t create for you. And yet you must create to be all of you.

It’s who you are.

Yes you are an artist. And your art is what you are offering the world.

Listen to your heart and soul as you create and grow your business.

Allow your creativity to flow.

Anything less is not enough.

When you are in your creative magic zone you are producing the work, your truth, the content, the art that only YOU can ever create.

A true artist comes to know that is where their power is.


Are you creating from your artist within daily?

It feels so good and I highly encourage you to dive on in.

The more you do, the more you will be making your difference.