What Happens When You Copycat Your Mentor As A Business Model

Picture this. Waking up in an exotic location. Wandering down to the picturesque beach. Breathing in that beautiful fresh air. Your soul feels alive. Meditation and yoga before breakfast. An hour or two of work on your laptop. Did I mention it’s work you LOVE that makes a difference. Adventures, lunch with friends and time to be are waiting for you this afternoon

And everyday the money rolls in for the work you do in your soulful online business.

Sounds mighty fine. In fact it sounds UH–MAZING.

That’s Naomi’s version of living the dream. And she saw it being played out by a few of the business ladies she watched online everyday.

Their images captivated her. And the way their clients shower them in public love, Naomi wants that too.

So when Naomi was offered a definitive course on creating her profitable online business from one of these awe inspiring business mentors she said YES. Of course she did. Smart move, right?

Except things didn’t go exactly as she’d hoped. She took the course. She did the modules. She followed the blueprint. And 8 weeks later she was…




The tech stuff did her head in. She spent hours trying to figure out her message. Her niche was still scratchy. She’d spent hours creating her opt-in gift. She even threw money at Facebook ads and enrolled in an extra Facebook course. Those ads did bring her some new email addresses for sure, but no CLIENTS.

Something just wasn’t working. She started questioning everything.

Am I good enough? Should I return to a ‘secure job’? Is the answer in another course? Is it worth continuing or should I just give up?

Naomi desperately wanted to stay out of the workforce so she could be there for her kids. She wanted a lifestyle. She wanted freedom. And she wanted to make a difference by doing work that mattered. So she knew she wanted to give this online business her everything. She did not want to give in.

Even when in doubt she felt an inner confidence deep within. That she was here for something more. That this WAS her path.

Then along came another course. This one marketed as being the answer to fill the gaps the first one left. It sounded perfect. Exactly what she needed.

Yes she thought. This will do it. So she signed up. Excited and inspired yet again.

This course really got her going. She goes back to work on her opt-in. She gets her website up. Her friends tell her it’s amazing. She starts blogging, she’s super active and committed on social media and the business Facebook groups she’s in.

Every day she reminds herself she must keep going. Don’t give in. Do the actions. Be generous in giving away great advice. People will notice that. Keep sharing and promoting, and clients will appear.

She ticked all the boxes step by step just as she was told to.

It’s now 6 months later.




And now BROKE.

And so Naomi again ponders… what did I do wrong? Maybe I’m not good enough for this?

And she gets totally sucked into comparisonitis. Every ad or super smart post she sees on Facebook, instead of inspiring her, it sucks some more life out of her. She wants what she wants so bad. It hurts.

She wonders how this all got to be… SO. DAMN. HARD.

Where did she go wrong?


Yes something has gone terribly wrong. And Naomi is not at fault. She is simply the product of an industry gone mad.

Naomi has lost her mojo. And that’s what happens when a LEADER gets caught in the light of someone else’s SHINING.

She has forgotten. And she needs to remember.

Who she is. Why she is here. What her uniqueness is. What her story is. What her message is. Who her tribe is.

And she will never get this from a blueprint.

She will never get this from following somebody else’s model or step by step plan.

Naomi is a leader LOST in following.

And maybe you are too? If so, it is time to take back your power.

This is your WAKE UP CALL.

TRUTH: Followers copy. Leaders innovate.

Leaders create their own PATH.

No more blueprints.

Your tribe is waiting. They don’t want to follow a follower. They want YOU, the leader.

This is your call to action. This is your call to leadership.

Are you ready to step into service as a leader?

Your Business. Your Leadership. Your Rules. Your Way.

Your Business. Your Leadership. Your Rules. Your Way.

If you’re an emerging leader. If you’ve been stifled by other people’s ways and models. If you’re ready to create your own rules for your business, then I’m ready to be on your team.

This is your invitation.

Your Vision. Your Business. Your Rules. Your Way.

Work with me when you are ready to bring you and your soulful business empire to life.

Let’s hop on the phone to connect, and if we are a good fit I guarantee you will be ready to own your purpose and leadership. It will be GAME ON.

Then we will make it happen, soulfully, strategically.

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