Kat Loterzo on what it takes to be a superwoman and have it ALL

Kat LoterzoI’m excited to share this special audio interview with you. Kat is a mastermind buddy of mine and I love what she is about. So when I heard what she was working on I wanted to share it with you.

Listen in to Kat and I chat and get ready to hear about:

  • What it takes to be a superwoman and have it all.
  • Hear about how Kat shifted her life and her business and now makes millions doing what she wants, when she wants.
  • Learn just how simple it can be to breakthrough to the other side and get the results you want.

download the MP3 – click here or simply play using the play bar above. 


Kat is a superwoman. She runs a million dollar online business, is a best selling author, coach, fellow Australian and all round great chick. The past few years she has been travelling the world with her little family and has grown her business significantly as she takes the online world by storm with her hard hitting truth bombs.

Be warned she is relentless. She tells it like it is. She may just ruffle your feathers. And she is creating massive ripples in the world by standing fully in her truth and being real.

I would describe her as touch as nails, yet full of soul. She loved that description, by the way 🙂