The evolution of // Money Shifts // the course

Here I share an honest story of how Money Shifts evolved and my big lesson on surrender, trust and timing.

MONEY SHIFTS is an online course for soulful business owners. 
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OK so the background story… in 2011 while pregnant with my son I received a clear download / soul inspiration. It was for a book I was to write. The title was clear, the content was clear and all I needed to do was write it.

But I didn’t.

And I kicked myself (mentally, not physically!) many times over the years, for not taking action on such clear guidance.

Finally at the start of 2016 it has all become clear.

I was not blocked. I was not resisting.

I now see there were lessons I needed to learn and integrate. Having the idea planted meant my awareness was switched on which I now see as the gift of having the inspired idea way before the timing was right.

So I wasn’t blocked and I wasn’t procrastinating or resisting.

And here’s another idea that came to me this morning. WE were not ready.

The energies that surround us hadn’t shifted. You know all the talk of 2012 being the year of massive shifts and how the reality of 2012 wasn’t all that was expected?

Maybe there is something in that. 2016 is already feeling very energetically powerful. So perhaps, just maybe, 2016 is the year that perhaps we thought 2012 was going to be.

Ha!!!! Imagine that.

So if you’ve been at yourself, critical, and feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern maybe you have. But maybe it’s not you, it’s the world.

And the time is now ripe. 2016 is the year we’ve been waiting for. 

Within the first few days of this year I received a massive hit of inspiration to get back onto this idea and bring it to life QUICKLY. It was time.

Not as a book. But as an online course.

Do you also feel that 2016 has an energy about it unlike any other year? and you feel really ready to make your impact? you want to clear the money issues from your life and create a relationship with money that sees you receiving abundance? you want to be in your flow?

Then this might just be for you.

I invite you to join me for Money Shifts.

It’s designed to impact ALL areas of your life starting with your MONEY.

Jump on board this week for the early release pricing and save.

We get started next Friday if you decide to join me.

It’s time for a MONEY SHIFT. A world shift. A YOU shift.

Let’s do this.

Big Love & Sparkles

Belinda Jackson