Oh. the B.O.R.E.D.O.M. Time to ditch the old boring rule book.

Walking through the gates into school. You arrive on time, just as the bell’s about to ring which you know means you’ll need to quickly get to your first class on time. Seated, you’re ready for class to begin. The teacher enters, everyone falls silent, class begins. An hour passes and you’re feeling restless, bored and in desperate need of a wee. You’ve been sitting in the same spot since you got to class and you’re going to remain in the exact same spot knowing that interrupting is frowned upon.

You don’t want to be ridiculed or to stand out. You don’t want to be an interruption to the class. So you sit and wait. But you’ve checked out. The words coming out of your teachers mouth sound like waffle. You’re not able to concentrate and anyway, you are B-O-R-E-D out of your brain. The topic just plain sucks.

Finally the bell rings. You wait for the signal from the teacher. You scramble up rushing to the nearest toilet block. Relieved, now it’s time to eat. You eat your lunch and have a bit of a play. You’re just getting into a good round robin game of ball when the bell rings once more. Lame! With a frown you head back into class.

This is your day. Your every day.

But when the weekend comes, everything changes. You are free. FREE. To do whatever the hell you want. You do fun stuff, adventure around the neighbourhood, create things, daydream, watch movies, whatever you want! You live for the weekends and dread Monday mornings every Sunday night.

Sound familiar? It’s a common scenario for kids in the western world.

Being told what to do and when has been ingrained in us since our early years. Leaving the good fun stuff for times outside of our ‘work’ time is ingrained in us too. We are accustomed to following rules and not standing out.

It’s time for change.

In the world of schooling there is the Un-Schooling movement. It turns traditional schooling on its head! It’s the rule breaker of the schooling system, and for many it’s producing great results. Un-Schooling is far from the ’norm’ and requires a total mindset shift.

The modern day entrepreneur could learn a lot from the Un-Schooling movement. And could do well with a rule breaking mindset shift too!

Modern entrepreneurs are following rules and models that no longer work.

We’re at a turning point in our world right now, creating businesses founded on freedom, that do good work, and honour people and our earth.

And yet we follow rules that serve an economic consumerism model. And we wonder why it’s not working.

The truth is we need to step back and SEE this for what it is.

It’s an opportunity. We are at the forefront you and I. We are the ones who can create change. But to create change we must change the rules. We must write our own new rule books and do things differently.

We must ditch the old and stale business rules.

So that we can make room for creating our own rule book.

A business rule book that serves ALL. That allows us to operate from a place of freedom, where we get to do good and feel good in doing our work. That serves our clients and creates positive results in the world. And where both directly and indirectly we impact our world in positive ways.

That’s the rule book we need to write.

Are you up for the challenge?

Come join me to Un-School Your Business and write your new love-fuelled business Rule Book.

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Ditch the ‘old school’ business rules and let’s courageously re-write the rules to suit you, your clients, and the world. 

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You and I, we are here to change things.