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 “I have gained confidence to shift my prices, and to uplevel my branding.

Zoe-RouthHaving done this work, I can tell you that if you do it too, you will discover:

  • Crystal clarity around your target market
  • Clear, powerful branding messages that can run through all your communications
  • Confidence in your brand

This is a MUST DO for any business owner!

I have gained confidence to shift my prices, and to uplevel my branding. This work helped me to generate new prospects and business opportunities – worth five figures as a result of my new image and confidence.”

Zoe Routh


“I’ve picked up three new clients who are the perfect fit for me!

Melinda-Dunlop-100-150I’ve become crystal clear on who my ideal clients are and how I could best serve them. I’ve created a brand new business name, logo and website which is in total alignment with who I am and what I do. I feel incredibly connected to myself, my goals, my clients and my business vision. Belinda actually helps to turn your vision, goals and desires into a powerful and sustainable business or personal identity.

I’ve learnt to reconnect with money. I feel more confident now that I’m not just ‘bad with money’ and that there are some practical things that I can do every day to handle things differently than the way I was before.

I would absolutely recommend Biz Shifts. What I like most is the balance of big picture thinking, goal setting and finding clarity on WHY our goals are important to us with the practical steps to actually getting there. I enjoy being stretched – Belinda is an expert coach and although it’s not always easy work, the Biz Shifts program is guiding me through the process of making the decisions I need to make in order to step up. I can feel within myself that I am making progress and changing my mindset and that is a very awesome feeling. So excited about the opportunities ahead of me and I’m feeling grounded and certain about the actions I am taking right now. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Belinda. She is fabulous to work with and is so positive.”

~ Melinda Dunlop


“A huge asset to my business!

Carolyn-DuftonBelinda is my trusted expert when it comes to online marketing and client attraction. I’ve had Belinda work with me over the years as a marketing coach and she has helped me with my website, my blog, SEO, social media and just generally growing my business online. As I myself work with business owners that are growing their own businesses, I’ve also called on Belinda to work with my clients and help them in the same ways she has helped me.

She has proven to be a huge asset to my business over the years. I would highly recommend Belinda if you want to tap into online technology and marketing opportunities – there is no one better that can lead you as a coach, a strategist and a great teacher of the how-to!”

~ Carolyn Dufton


“Belinda Jackson is an online marketing genius.

amanda-moxleyIt’s rare to meet someone who is a wizard at all things tech and marketing AND who serves with such kind heart-ed love. She’s a perfect blend of the masculine and the feminine in business.

She sees YOU with her soul and helps you take action in spite of fear.”

~ Amanda Moxley


“The best career move I have ever made!

Meg RingroseSigning up to coach with Belinda was the best career move I have ever made! Belinda has helped me to identify my niche, get totally comfortable with it and discover skills that I hadn’t even realised I possessed. I now have absolute clarity on my service offerings, target market and my financial goals for the next 12 months.

Belinda’s practical approach and marketing wisdom combined with her genuine interest has given me confidence to create the rewarding lifestyle business that I have dreamed of. If you want to identify your niche, clarify your business direction and set up a system that will have you growing and moving forward I would highly recommend Belinda’s work. It’s a very worthwhile investment in your future success, wealth and lifestyle.

~ Meg Ringrose


“Implementing one of Belinda’s suggestions saved me $6,000!

Denise Duffield ThomasI’m obsessed with clearing money blocks and learning about myself so I was curious about the Sacred Money Archetypes and how it could take me further into self discovery.

Belinda’s session truly blew me away. My top money types were spot on and I love how Belinda’s additional insights and intuition gave me some truly life changing information.

Immediately I actioned one of Belinda’s suggestions for my business, based on my money type and it saved me almost $6,000! If you love self-discovery and want to make more money, I highly recommend working with Belinda.”

~ Denise Duffield Thomas


“Helped me focus and roll out highly targeted marketing.”

And also from Irene via LinkedIn “I have been aware of Belinda for quite some years now, and this year I took the plunge. 20/20 hindsight is “what was I waiting for?”. Belinda has shown me the power of working with someone who has deep knowledge of social media and on-line marketing (and all it encompasses). The strategic approach I’ve been implementing is getting results in a matter of weeks, and I’m confident that the work we have planned for in the future will exponentially increase the results. I’d highly recommend Belinda – apart from her technical and indepth know-how, she’s also personable, is a great communicator and reliable in delivering what she promises.

~ Irene Rudan


“Belinda Jackson is my “go to” person when it comes to online strategy”.

“Belinda is keen to get results for our business and is up to date and relevant in the online world. What I love most about working with Belinda is she understands the technical stuff, but can translate that to results that mean dollars!”

~ Sharon Tieman


“Helped my marketing & branding attract the right clients.”

~ Janet Beckers


“My business has completely transformed.

Melissa-Cooper-100-150There were so many valuable aspects to the Brand your Brilliance system including understanding myself as a business owner and the levels to which I operate, and how I sabotage myself from truly succeeding. I came away from the day empowered as a business owner knowing that I have something truly unique to offer the public and that the products and services I offer are of great value.

I had not acknowledged the power behind the skills I share with clients and the impact it has to change their lives. My business has completely transformed in a little over 90 days. Without Belinda and this incredible experience I would not have known what I could do for myself and more importantly that I could achieve the results I have. I feel inspired and I am excited about the future of my business and the life I want to create. ”

~ Melissa Cooper


“We are making enough money to enjoy life, all while working less hours!

Laura-Drummond2After noticing a downturn in our business, we chose to invest into our business and enrolled in Belinda Jackson’s Coaching Program. Working with Belinda we realised that we had been making many simple mistakes; one of the biggest was that we under-valued our time and our knowledge.

Within just a few short weeks of implementing some changes, our call volume increased and so did our conversions, on the spot sales and word of mouth referrals! Belinda has been there beside us the whole way – together we have explored many ways to expand our business and our pricing now reflects our results and not our time. Now, 3 months after our initial meeting, we have expanded our services and are signing up new website clients. The result is that we are no longer struggling to survive; we are making enough money to enjoy life, all while working less hours! Thank you so much Belinda, you have helped to refresh & revitalise our business.”

~ Laura Drummond


“Amazing insights into my brand.”

~ Sue Henry


“Gave me focus and the words to use to describe what I do.”

~ Stephanie Gregory


“I received much more out of the day than I ever expected.

Branding with archetypes helped me to personalise my business. I received much more out of the day than I ever expected. As well as practical marketing help I got to understand more of why I make the decisions I do and how I can use this as a strength in my business.

The knowledge I gained with the insight branding with archetypes gave allowed me to move forward with a look and feel that was my own. I have a few friends in business and I have already recommended that they do this workshop, especially if they have a service based business.”

~ Michelle
Enchanted Kidswear


“I now stop to smell the roses and feel like I have some balance back in my life.

Carolyne-BrennanBelinda has helped me to become really clear on the priorities for my online business, and she has helped me discover how I can stop wasting so many hours trying to figure it out myself! Working with Belinda has shown me that I don’t have to continue to struggle on my own. I now stop to smell the roses and feel like I have some balance back in my life. Since I started working with Belinda, I now have a blog, I have implemented successful online advertising strategies, I’m brushing up on my social media skills, and Belinda has provided excellent guidance on how I can improve my website.

I would highly recommend working with Belinda. She has helped me clarify what the important things are for me to focus on in my business, and that is my expertise in teaching & as an Artist & Designer.”

~ Carolyne Brennan


“Belinda is a leader in her industry.

She is so amazing to work with and always has the clients dreams in mind when creating online solutions for their business. She is a great person and a pleasure to spend time with.”

~ Deb Field


“Belinda has an excellent level of knowledge about her services.

Belinda has an excellent level of knowledge about her services and make it very easy to work with her and the tools she provides. The thing most impressive about her work is the level of genuine care and effort she makes to ensure I have my business needs covered. She’s generous to a fault. I’d recommend Belinda to anyone who prefers a working with a friendly expert.”

~ Andrew Mackell-Wong


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