Break the Rules. Un-School Your Business.

I’m not here to do ’normal’. And quite possibly, neither are you.

I just read a Facebook post that opposed my viewpoint on a controversial topic. I considered posting a reply to state my view. It was clear the person who posted was not interested in changing their view. And my own view was not about to be swayed so I did nothing. That’s right, I let it go.

I moved along and got on with my day.

I’m pretty consistently a ‘go with the flow’ type of a gal. I don’t do arguing well and I hate debates. I’m not a fighter.

And so you’d probably never have guessed that I’m a rule breaker.

But I am.

I’m strong and I’m determined.

I see myself as a quiet revolutionary.

Creating my own rules in life and in business. Leading and living by example.

I drive my hubby nuts at time when mid argument I stop him to say woo-woo stuff like ‘let’s return to our heart space hey?’ or ‘c’mon honey we’re a team’. But I’ll do whatever I can to diffuse an argument without caving in. Even arguing with my soul mate tears my heart apart because it’s not how I’m here to do life.

I’m here to love and to lead.

The core of my rule breaking is love fuelled with a focus on leading positive change.

I home-school/un-school my kids. I quit suburban life to live simply and travel. I earn the income for our family. If everyone else is doing something, I tend to do the opposite.

I’ve ditched the rules in life and in business. I zig when the majority zag.

Some people are here to challenge the status quo publicly and with a fiery passion. To argue publicly for their beliefs. To stand up and fight to change laws. To protest for the rights of animals and people. Their role is super important, and if this is you, I applaud you. But fighting the good fight is not my role.

I’m here to challenge the status quo through leading passionate folk to embrace new ways of living and doing business.

We can change the world when we change the rules. Because quite frankly, a lot of the rules controlling things right now suck! They starve you of freedom to do what you actually love and feel good doing. They keep you in competition and consumer controlled mayhem. And they make you feel like there is no other way.

But there is another way.

Imagine a business where doing your “work” is pleasurable. Your clients benefit from your “work” and they are a dream to work with. They happily pay you so money is in abundance. You are creating positive ripples in the world. You are in control of your life and business and you are loving it.

Your life matters. Your business matters.

Breaking the rules is how we create revolutionary change that really matters. {Tweet: Tweet This}

It’s how the big ripples of change that really matter will happen.

Your business and you will thrive when you say yes to writing your own rule book.

Join the [Un-School Your Business] Revolution

Ditch the ‘old school’ business rules and let’s courageously re-write the rules to suit you, your clients, and the world.