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Brand Your Brilliance - Branding for the Soulful Entrepreneur


Hey Brilliant YOU

Right now, is your brand repelling or attracting clients?

EVERYTHING you put out into the world is a reflection of your brand. Your social media updates, your website, your emails, your offers, your clients, your communications.

It all leaves an impression. A brand impression.

What impression are you leaving right now?

What does your BRAND say?

If your brand is NOT making a memorable impression, is NOT getting you noticed and is NOT moving your ideal clients towards choosing you… then…

This is your invitation to activate a powerful brand and put it to work for you.


{Brand Your Brilliance} is a proven system that takes you from unsure to confident, whilst creating structure and meaningful marketing to entice your ideal clients and have them choose you.


Your ideal clients need to notice you and know you are worth choosing. 

I can help make that happen!

Join me for {Brand Your Brilliance} to …

// Finally stop wasting time and energy. Comparing yourself and your business is stifling you and wasting precious time. Move into alignment and return your focus to YOUR brand and YOUR tribe.

// Unearth what makes you truly unique. Often we can’t see it in ourselves so I am going to use my superpowers to uncover what makes you truly unique and brilliantly marketable.  And I will help you SEE it and finally GET it so that you can begin to do the real work you are here to do.

// Become powerfully clear on and aligned with your vision so that you are inspired into powerful action. Say goodbye to your fears and doubts controlling you!

// Be so super clear and focused on what you stand for, what matters to you and the message you want to share… that there is no choice…. you are living it, sharing it and making amazing things happen.

// Step into a whole new level of expert status & authenticity. With clarity and my secret stash of virtual courage pills you will OWN your vision and your brand. You’ll be like a magnet to ideal clients and awesome opportunities.

// Rock out your marketing communications so that what you share has impact, gets seen, gets read, gets noticed and gets you sales. You’ll have clarity and get into inspired actions for your social media updates, your website, your emails, and more.

// Create your branding cheat sheet. I’ll help you create a one page brand outline that will keep you inspired, clear and focused. Think total clarity on visuals, marketing message, tribe and vision.


Is this for YOU?


This is perfect for you if you if you are;

  • A service based business owner.
  • A coach, consultant or passionate blogger//sharer//teacher.
  • An information based online business owner.
  • The face of your business – YOU are your business.

Whatever stage of business you are at if you are passionate about creating a profitable business doing work you LOVE and that you are naturally brilliant at, then this is for you.

And this is especially for YOU if any of the following applies…

  • You are tired of comparing yourself with others.
  • You are tired of the doubt that keeps you stuck where you are.
  • You are tired of ideal clients NOT choosing you.

If what I’ve shared so far resonates for you… I hope you’ll join me so I can help you Ignite & Brand Your Brilliance!


How does {Brand Your Brilliance} work?


You and I working together soulfully and strategically over the next month, mixing it up between Skype (or phone) sessions and email. My attention on YOU and your business.

Our end goal is to craft your memorable and powerful BRAND that matters…  a brand that gets noticed & chosen by your ideal clients.

Here’s how it will go:

1/ Unearth your Brilliance PlayBook. You will be provided with the playbook and prompted to dive into the true unfolding of your genius, your talents and the work that your tribe will love you for. It’s thought provoking, guided and a JOY to work through.

2/ Tribe Clarity Experience. In this guided visualisation & accompanying PlayBook you will quickly discover exactly what your tribe wants from you, what they value about you and what they will happily pay you for. And you’ll get clear on what feels GOOOOOD for you to deliver because it IS your brilliance.

3/ Private Coaching/Consulting Sessions. 3 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions are included over our month together. This is where we will clarify your vision and the ripple you are here to make. We will nail your marketing message and your brand components. We will clarify and find your tribe ->  those people that are right now waiting for YOU and your work. And we’ll nut out your master plan to integrate your powerful brand into every aspect of your business so it gets to work for you without delay.

These sessions will be via phone or Skype so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are!

4/ VIP email support. Throughout the 30 days we will be in constant email communication. I’m available to answer your questions as we work through this powerful branding process.

5/ Your own personal {Brand Your Brilliance} guide book. This will include important notes from our sessions, as well as my personal tips to ignite your brand, make your work matter, entice your tribe and make amazing things happen. This will prove an invaluable ongoing guide for your vision and your work.

This is deep personal work blended with very practical step by step and strategic guidance to ensure you know with absolute clarity how to integrate this into your business and what to do next for results.

The Investment

I’ve charged as much as $2,497 to do this work privately as a VIP day however this offer is not even close to that. Even at AU$1500 this is INCREDIBLE value given the outcomes and the long term results you could reap from this work.

For a VERY limited time you can join this private and personalised experience for only AU$750. (US friends, this converts to less than US$600 for you).

Limited spots available each month… So if this speaks to you, take action & let’s get started!


Ready to {Brand Your Brilliance}?


Brand Your Brilliance
Private 1:1 // 30 day Experience
Your Investment: AU$1500

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Who am I (Belinda Jackson) & Why Me?



Hi… I’m Belinda Jackson, your Soulful Marketing Strategist.

I help business folk who are passionate about doing good work and making a difference to create soulful empires.

My business journey began over 10 years ago as a marketing consulting and services business. My business has evolved many times over the years as a true soulful business should.

However some things remain a constant. My love of marketing. And my love of transforming my clients lives and their business so they create the ripples they are here to make and do it JOYfully.

I ran my first ever branding workshop live and in person back in 2010. And since then I’ve run it multiple times online and in person, privately and in groups.

I love this work. And I would love to help you to brand your brilliance.


Read on to hear what others say


I’ve picked up three new clients who are the perfect fit for me!

Melinda Dunlop
Melinda Dunlop

“I’d been struggling to define my brand and get clear on the clients I wanted to attract and I was going around in circles… I needed clarity…

The Brand Your Brilliance workshop was perfect for me, because it helped me to become crystal clear on who my ideal clients are and how I could best serve them. After doing the workshop, I’ve created a brand new business name, logo and website which is in total alignment with who I am and what I do. I feel incredibly connected to myself, my goals, my clients and my business vision.

This is so more than just a ‘branding’ workshop – Belinda actually helps to turn your vision, goals and desires into a powerful and sustainable business or personal identity.  I’d recommend this workshop to any entrepreneur who is ready to step into their unique purpose and create a meaningful and authentic brand that truly reflects who you are and what you stand for.”

~ Melinda Dunlop


This workshop gave me a fresh perspective on operating my business and my attitude to my work

Carolyn Dufton
Carolyn Dufton

“I attended The Brand your Brilliance workshop with Belinda some years back. I enjoyed it so much, that last year I asked Belinda if I could go through the programme with her again. I am a franchising consultant and so operate in a very black and white regulated industry. I found the workshop offered me an entirely fresh perspective on operating my business and my attitude to my work.

If you need a boost of clarity, this workshop is perfect. It gave me clarity on my brand and my purpose, as well as giving me the guidance I needed to get my marketing message right.

Belinda has had many years of experience in offering this and other amazing workshops. I would highly recommend her and The Brand your Brilliance workshop to any service based business owner.”

~ Carolyn Dufton


Multiple return on investment here! I have gained confidence to shift my prices, and to uplevel my branding.

Zoe Routh
Zoe Routh

“Having done this workshop, I can tell you that if you do it too, you will discover:

  • Crystal clarity around your target market
  • Clear, powerful branding messages that can run through all your communications
  • Confidence in your brand

This is a MUST DO for any business owner!

I have gained confidence to shift my prices, and to uplevel my branding. This work helped me to generate new prospects and business opportunities – worth five figures as a result of my new image and confidence.”

~ Zoe Routh


My business has completely transformed

Melissa Cooper
Melissa Cooper

“There were so many valuable aspects to the Brand your Brilliance system including understanding myself as a business owner and the levels to which I operate, and how I sabotage myself from truly succeeding. I came away from the day empowered as a business owner knowing that I have something truly unique to offer the public and that the products and services I offer are of great value.

I had not acknowledged the power behind the skills I share with clients and the impact it has to change their lives. My business has completely transformed in a little over 90 days. Without Belinda and this incredible experience I would not have known what I could do for myself and more importantly that I could achieve the results I have. I feel inspired and I am excited about the future of my business and the life I want to create. ”

~ Melissa Cooper


Amazing insights into my brand

~ Sue Henry


Helped me focus and roll out highly targeted marketing

~ Irene Rudan


This helps with my marketing & branding to attract the right clients

~ Janet Beckers


Gave me focus and the words to use to describe what I do

~ Stephanie Gregory


I received much more out of the day than I ever expected

“Brand Your Brilliance helped me to personalise my business. I received much more out of the day than I ever expected. As well as practical marketing help I got to understand more of why I make the decisions I do and how I can use this as a strength in my business.

The knowledge I gained allowed me to move forward with a look and feel that was my own. I have a few friends in business and I have already recommended that they do this workshop, especially if they have a service based business.”

~ Michelle
Enchanted Kidswear


I am very grateful for this Brand your Brilliance session.

“I thought it was wonderful. I was skeptic and very judgmental about doing it. I thought what could she know that I don’t. I decided I should just do this, and I did. It was worth it.

Who knew that I could find out not only so much about myself, but also about the world I can impact around me. I am touched by Belinda’s simple, honest approach of teaching and direction. I thought it was going to be hard or even demanding.

The terms in which Belinda explained things just made it all so graceful, easy to cope with and manageable. Thank you for persisting and answering my lost mumbling emails of confusion. What a great platform to pounce off. Thank you again.”

~ Sabina


READY? Let’s Get Started…


3o day Brand Your Brilliance Experience includes;

1/ Unearth your Brilliance Playbook.

2/ Tribe Clarity Experience. Guided Visualisation.

3/ Private Coaching/Consulting Sessions. 3 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions.

4/ VIP email support.

5/ Your own personal {Brand Your Brilliance} Cheat Book.

For a VERY limited time you can join this private and personalised experience for only AU$750. (US friends, this converts to less than US$600 for you).

Limited spots available each month… So if this speaks to you, take action & let’s get started!


Brand Your Brilliance
Private 1:1 // 30 day Experience
Your Investment: AU$1500

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“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame” – Dante

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