Five Keys to Getting Attention Online with your content & communications!

Getting Attention Online

The online world is pretty fast paced and hectic. Each day there is a bombardment of marketing messages and communications. So be aware – whatever you put out there is adding to the noise.

It’s your job to make sure what you put out is not just purposeless noise but well designed messages that capture the attention of the peeps you want to reach – your ideal clients!

There are a bazillion ways and forms you can communicate online. You may choose to blog, be active on social media, podcast, publish youtube videos, write ebooks, and the list goes on. Plus of course there is your website where often you bring people back to from the other channels.

Below I share five keys to help  you communicate online in a way that actually gets attention. And attention from the right people – your ideal clients!


Key One – Be Not Afraid

The biggest obstacle to producing content and communicating online in a way that gets attention is fear.

You see, fear keeps many an online entrepreneur producing ‘safe’ and usually ‘boring’ content. Believe me I’ve produced my fair share of boring content because I was afraid to be bold, to be opinionated, to break the rules, to tell my truths.

Perhaps you can relate to some of these fears…

Fear of people not liking your content.
Fear of criticism.
Fear of you not being good enough.
Fear of getting it wrong.
Fear that your content is not good enough.


Or in other words: False Evidence Appearing Real

Slide from ProBlogger training event I attended!

Fear in this case, comes from our beliefs and our interpretation of what is possible or not possible.

We are believing only ourselves and what we know. And what makes it even worse is we are believing things we tell ourselves that may not even be true. So our fear may be based on telling ourselves lies.

The fear is holding you back and it will continue to do so, as long as you allow it.

So it’s TIME to get out of your comfort zone. As I heard Darren Rowse say at a ProBlogger event “Getting out of your comfort zone is where sparks fly” – oh this is so true!

Yep, you have to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your online communications.  Take a look at successful online entrepreneurs that you take notice of (that have YOUR attention). Without fail they have pushed through fear and they are communicating boldly in their own way, right?

It is time to create content that is maybe just a little bit scary to put out there. Or a lot scary is even better. Stretch yourself. Put it out there. Communicate in a way that you really really want to.

Even when it is scary to share your content and communicate boldly you CAN do it. Even when you worry that people will not like it you CAN still communicate your truth.

So when I say be not afraid I really mean don’t let the fear control you. Your work has meaning. You know in your heart what you are here to share. So do it.

Write that blog post. Send that email. Publish that video. Make that comment. Share your opinion. Say what you feel. Say what you think. Do it your way.

I’m not saying it will be easy. But I am saying it is essential if you want to get attention in today’s online world.

Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen? And what’s the BEST that can happen? Take action on achieving that best!


Lesson Two – Be Consistent

In the online world we sometimes see or hear success stories of entrepreneurs making it big in what appears to be a very short time frame. This is so similar to how we see movie stars appear to ‘make it’ overnight when in reality they’ve been plugging away at their craft for years.

It takes time to build your business, get clarity on your offers, communicate effectively, grow your audience, and breakthrough your own beliefs and saboteurs. For most of us it takes years to get established, to break through our barriers to success and to reach our goals.

If you want to make it online you have to take consistent courageous action and keep putting yourself and your content out there!

Do so with passion AS IF you already have a big audience. Communicate as you intend to be.

However you choose to communicate with your audience and spread your message online, whether that be blogging, social media, email marketing, video, podcasting…. decide your method and GET VISIBLE on a consistent basis.

There are thousands of blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, facebook pages and twitter accounts left stranded, probably every month. Many entrepreneurs just give up without really giving their all. They go looking for another shiny object thinking the answer is somewhere else. It’s usually not.

It’s up to you.

Online business success truly does require consistent action and full belief in what you are creating.

Don’t give up!


Lesson Three – Be YOU

In this overcrowded jumble of an online world you really gotta just do YOU!

“Be who you are and say what you mean. Because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!” Dr Seuss

I’m sure you’ve heard this statement/quote before but it’s one of my favourites. And this applies especially online.

When you are true to you in your online communications you become a mirror to your ideal client.

And you touch their heart, not just their head.

How could this apply to you and your business?

Are you sharing enough to really allow your ideal clients and readers to get to know you and to CONNECT with you.

By the way it’s totally ok if some people don’t like what you share. They will never become your client or your friend. But in being true and communicating authentically as you, you will be giving the right people much more solid way to connect deeply with you.

And connection online is critical if you want your audience to stick around for more, to come back again or to subscribe to be in your world. AND especially if you want people to take action and buy from you, either now or later. You MUST connect on a deep level.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that success can come quickly even after being in business for many years based on this key lesson alone. I’ve heard several stories and know personally a few entrepreneurs who have steadily plodded along and then… bham… overnight success. Or so it seems.

And I’m always one for questioning what the shift was. And in each case I’ve found it has been because they DECIDED to quit playing it safe and to blossom fully and openly as themselves. It’s like they relaxed and let go of the fear of judgement (from others and from themselves) and they trusted that in being themselves they had nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

The truth is, being YOU is way easier than trying to be someone else, right?


Lesson Four – Make ’em Feel

Generate emotion.

Emotion is what creates connection between humans.

There is more than enough boring content online. Don’t be boring – that is really key to this key.

And remember what appeals to one person, may not appeal to another. You may need to accept that whilst some may love you others will switch off. That’s OK.

True online connection, where your audience LOVES what you put out into the world and wants more… is what builds YOUR loyal tribe. I recently wrote about writing from Love, which is exactly what I mean – communicating heart to heart which puts you miles above formulaic blog posts and boring social content.

Communicate with emotion.

If you communicate online consistently as I’m suggesting above and you go all out being yourself then this will happen naturally. I promise you that.

Writing a blog, producing a video, sharing social content by following a formula and being safe will fail. There is too much noise online and what does not connect will get lost in that noise. When you are true to your topic and true to yourself your personal influence, opinion and emotion will undoubtedly enhance connection with the right people.

When they do connect, that is where magic happens. You reach their heart and you have their attention.


Lesson Five – Let ’em Know

It breaks my heart when I see truly passionate and talented entrepreneurs putting so much work and energy into creating awesome content online and then neglecting the next essential step to having that content get the attention of your ideal audience.

It’s the whole false theory that ‘create it and they will come’. Nope they will not.

If you create it you must take the next step in communicating it to them. You have to let them know what you’ve created and entice them to it. Or in other words you have to PROMOTE it.

This includes sharing it in every way you can. To do this you’ll likely need to fully embrace lesson one (Be not Afraid).

For example if you write an epic blog post it’s time to go out and share it on all your social networks, send it to your email list, ask your community to share it, post it to groups you’re in, boost it on Facebook.

Promote it every way you can.

Get as many eyeballs on it as you can.

And then recycle it so you can continue to promote it over time. By this I mean, once created don’t let it turn to dust. If it’s evergreen in that it’s content that is relevant both now and in the future then continue to regularly share it. For example you could add all your blog posts to BufferApp or Edgar for regular sharing over time without even having to think about it again!

Promote it and keep on promoting it.


So there you have it. Five key lessons for communicating online in a way that actually gets attention!

Be not Afraid. Be consistent. Be You. Make ’em Feel. Let ’em Know.

What do you think of these lessons? Hop on over to Facebook and do let me know. Or come tweet me over @BelindaJackson.

Quit the formulas and write from the heart. From LOVE.


Love. Sweet. Love.

The world needs more of it. Including in Business.

It’s time to drop all the website rules and the copywriting formulas, and settle instead on… a love filled message first and foremost.

Cut through the clutter of meaningless marketing speak used everywhere else. It gets tiring online in a sea of SELL SELL SELL and ME ME ME.

Every human loves to feel wanted. So when a prospective new client turns up at your website make sure to show some LOVE.

Write from Love.

In my work as a marketing strategist I know all the marketing rules. I know how to write a good piece of sales copy. And I believe the time has come for something new.

I believe the time has come for more heart to heart interaction in a world where human needs still need to be met, even with technology controlling so much.

Apply the LOVE FORMULA to your home page as well as to ANY communication online – other web pages, blog posts, social media posts as examples!

About 2 years back I even wrote and published a “Love Letter” on my website. It’s a great way to truly connect with YOUR ideal clients.

Give it a go!

Love your visitors (aka prospects & clients) up with YOUR words. Speak directly to their heart.

How you do this is simple. Simply speak or write from your heart.

Acknowledge who they are and what their struggles are, and write to them about why this is important to you and how you’d LOVE to help them.

Imagine arriving at a website and reading words that feel they are meant for you, that speak to your desires, to what you are struggling with and that express the love the writer has to help you with the service or products they offer.

You’ll take notice because it’s not the norm and it speaks soul to soul.

This leads to true connection.

And true connection very often means loyal long term clients.

So quit what you think your page should ‘say’ and step into your heart. What is the true message you want to get across to your ideal prospective customer who has just landed on your page? How can you make them feel welcome, make them feel they’ve arrived in the right place and make them want more… oh so much more…

I encourage you to go visit your website and social presence with this idea and mind, and see what ideas you come up with for change.

It’s TIME to Write from Love. 

Why You MUST Stop Following What They Are Telling You To Do

Stop Following

I’ve had my online business operating for 10 years and the changes in that time are nothing short of MASSIVE.

What worked 10 years ago would not cut it today.

The world of online entrepreneurs is growing at a rapid pace. And that makes total sense. The opportunities online are still there and are actually bigger than ever.

Any business not tapping into online opportunities is a little crazy if you ask me. Who wouldn’t want to tap into a global marketplace where the small players can be as powerful (if not, more powerful) than the big players? Where you can have a business that operates 24/7 without you having to be ‘live’?

A business that potentially gives you freedom, makes a difference AND brings you bucket loads of cash!

You’d have to be a little mad not to see the appeal in that (or a total NON entrepreneur in which case you’d be unlikely to be reading this!).

So that’s the dream being painted. And that’s why so many are jumping on board the online business craziness.

Because yes it is definately a little crazy if you stop awhile, step back and look at it for what it really is.

You see, a hidden reality to this online marketplace these days is a bunch of disillusioned entrepreneurs. Sure there are plenty making a success of it, but there are probably even more trying and just not succeeding. These are passionate, talented people who see the opportunity and are super keen to make it part of their reality. They research, they invest in online courses & mentors, they follow the formulas, the blueprints and the secret success tips that are laid out before them.

But the results never arrive.

And so they decide it must be their fault they can’t make it work.

Can you relate? Have you or are you feeling this right now?

I’m not as clever/smart/talented/experienced/photogenic
My website is not as pretty/colorful/responsive
My prices are too cheap/too expensive/I just don’t know anymore
My content is boring compared to what everyone else creates
Why would anyone take notice of my work. I don’t stand out at all

Welcome to the world of the stuck, disillusioned entrepreneur.

And let me tell you this IS NOT YOUR FAULT. And you are NOT ALONE.

The online world is moving at such a rapid pace and what worked just 2 or 3 years ago may no longer work.

What I’ve seen happening way to much is this. An entrepreneur that learnt a certain model, blueprint, way of doing business online a few years ago is now teaching that model or a ‘tweaked’ version of that model and that’s now become their business. And this is possibly after they never actually perfected it. It’s true. So what they are teaching didn’t really work for them but now they will teach it to you.

And even if it DID work for them it may not work today. And even if it does work today, it may not work for YOU.

And whatever your ‘industry’ it’s likely you have seen a huge increase in the number of business offerings coming online. In a sea of sameness nothing stands out. If you play safe you’ll never be noticed. If you follow the footprint of someone else who has found their magic, you will never feel free and you’ll never reap the same rewards.

There are a bazillion ways to do things online. Many models. Many strategies. Many options. It can be tough figuring out just who to listen to, what will work and what you should skip.

But the answer is simple.

The magic formula is already yours.

It’s just not been activated yet.

And to activate it will require you to STOP. Breath. And remember who you ARE.

It will require you to go within. It will require you to be courageous.

It will require you to be SEEN.

To step up. To step out.

To not be liked. To be loved.


Are you willing to walk that path?

It may not be easy but it will be fulfilling. If your calling to entrepreneurship is real, if you are passionate to make a difference with the work that you are here to do and if you are ready and willing to break some of the paradigms of life and of business then this is your CALLING.

This is YOUR PATH.

And the truth you need to BELIEVE is this.

YOU have within you the magic formula for YOU & for YOUR business. 

Over the coming weeks I’ll be bringing to you some soul inspired work that I believe will make a difference.

This is the work I was put on the planet for.

I’d love to help you ACTIVATE YOUR BRILLIANCE!

So that you can make your mark on the world. So that you can create positive ripples in the world.

That’s my mission.

Are you ready? Make sure you are on my email list so you don’t miss what’s next –> opt-in to get my email notes BELOW.

21 Tips for an Incredible Love Fueled Life

So I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this post for a few weeks, I even penciled my ideas weeks ago. But alas, these days I’m running my business and creating content all on limited hours. And as I keep telling myself it’s just one thing at a time. Focus on the intention. Focus on what I’m creating – the bigger picture. Then just do one thing at a time towards it.

After returning from a walk on the beach and finding a heart shaped rock I felt like the time was right now, today to write this. As a reminder to myself and as a prompt to you if you need it.


So here’s my list of 21 Tips for an Incredible Love Fueled Life. Take on what suits you and of course, go ahead and create your own list. Personally I find having a list like this I can pluck from is incredibly inspiring for those times when I feel like I need something to re-invigorate or re-inspire me.

1) Ask “What would LOVE do?”
I can’t recall where I first saw or heard this but it’s a powerful question to ask every day and in every situation. It will instantly allow you to tap into your inner guidance, your intuition and know just what the right thing to do or action to take is for both your own and the greater good. Great prompt to inspire ideas on more love fueled activities too.

2) Collaborate.
As an introvert this can be a tough one but I do find when I make the effort to collaborate it brings powerful results in so many ways. This can mean many things of course – inviting help into your life, into your business, working alongside fellow business owners to support each other, co-creation in whatever way works! Try it, it’s liberating to know you are not in this alone, there is an abundance of co-creators out there you can play with.

3) Smile.
You know – “turn the frown upside down”. Every moment we have the ability to change our thoughts and our mood by changing our facial expression in a moment. Try it. And the power of a smile can turn anothers world for the better – share your smiles with the world. Smiling can be contagious.

4) Play.
We all need downtime in our day where we can literally ‘switch off’. And there is really no greater way to switch off and enter a new dimension than play time. And most adults are pretty crap at this, but if you can allow it in your day you WILL reap the rewards. Jump on the trampoline, skip around the house, dance, visit the beach, swim, allow yourself to get fully into playing with the kids… use your imagination.. you’ll know what you can ‘play’.

5) Move Your Body.
Simple as that. Get up more. Walk. Move. Dance. Jump. Move that gorgeous body of yours. Imagine mentally caressing each part of you with love. Move to that!

6) Gratitude.
Every moment you are alive is a moment you are ALIVE. Find the gold in the moment. And at the very least take a moment at the end of EVERY day to declare to yourself 3 things you are grateful for from the day that has just been. And to ramp that up – take a moment several times a day to reflect on your gratitude. Remember, what we focus on we attract more of. So think of the awesomeness in your life – the little things & the big things.

7) Be Selfish.
Whoah! What! Having a high level of self worth is important as it will lead to you being more, and giving more of your gift to the world. If you don’t think your special, no one else will. So it’s time to remember how special you are, and if you have desires you should take action on them. Make self care and desire realisation PRIORITIES. You and I know you have enough love to go around, so start with You.

8) Get Sexy.
Getting into your sensual power will create a ripple effect in your life. Do it alone – touch every part of your body with love, either mentally or physically – either works! Imagine you are a sensual goddess (or god!). Or do it with a partner – again, either mental daydreams or in the flesh. But get sexy and feel the emotions of sensuality.

9) Pat Pets.
Apparently the science backs this one, that spending time with animals is good for the heart and it’s certainly good for the soul. So if you have a pet take some time to sit and snuggle or pet it. If you don’t have a pet there are plenty of other options – visit a friend or neighbour with pets, if you live in the country go pat a horse or stare at a cow, visit an animal rescue centre (although possibly not a good idea if you don’t want to be tempted to bring a pet home), ask around and you’ll find a way.

10) Read a Real Book.
Switch of the computer and the devices, sit back in a comfortable chair and read a book. Enough said.

11) Flowers.
Buy yourself a bunch of your favourite flowers. It’ll brighten your environment instantly and make you feel good. You deserve it!

12) Gift someone else with Flowers.
For the same reason, it’ll make you feel good PLUS it’ll brighten another persons day. I’m sure you can easily think of someone deserving!

13) Go on a Coffee Date.
Meet up with a friend for a catch up at a local cafe. Take time to relax with them and dive deep, perhaps share some life stories and ask them loads of questions about them, open up, dive deeper, share time and be in the moment with them. Medicine for the soul.

14) Donate.
Strapped for cash – then do a clear out and donate some QUALITY but unused items or clothing to a local charity. And if you have the funds use them for good, make donations to a few of your favourite charities. If it feels good do this every week – it’s amazing the difference YOU can make.

15) De Clutter.
When there is clutter about it can be hard to think straight. So do a big clean out of your office space, your desk, your bedroom and your whole house. One at a time obviously, but de cluttering these areas will open you up to feel more vibrant, more productive and you’ll be making way for new, for the next adventure, for your next desire.

16) Write.
Grab one of those fancy stationary journals you’ve never used and start writing. Or a piece of paper will do. Or even Evernote if the online is more your thing. But write. Write from the heart – whatever comes to you, even if you have to sit and stare for 20 minutes. Just write. Open your soul and listen to what comes.

17) Get Grounded.
Step outside into nature. Without shoes. Going barefoot will help you to ground your body and your energy with the earth. Find a way to make this possible. Visit a park and take your shoes off. And if it’s cold – do it anyway – you’ll get a buzz for sure and I bet you’ll start smiling!


18) The Beach.
The beach is one of the most beautiful amazing places you can visit for some soul love nurturing. Take a walk on the sand. Sit and stare at the ocean. And if you are super blessed you might spot dolphins or other wildlife. Collect some shells and pay special attention to heart shaped rocks (they are my personal favourite).

19) Pick Up the Phone.
It’s always a good time to connect with people who matter. Pick up the phone and make a chat without agenda to a parent, a grandparent, a child, a friend – someone who matters to you. It’ll make them feel special and you’ll feel good to.

20) Send a Card.
We’ve lost the art of letter writing and card sending since the advent of social media. So to make the effort to send an actual card, note or letter to someone who matters is awesome. They’ll likely be shocked but they’ll love it and if you haven’t yet figured it out, making someone you care about feel good will have you feeling good too.

21) Love You.
Honor your body by putting in only the best foods and nourishment. Drink Juices. Drink Green Smoothies. Eat fruits and veggies. Exercise. Take self care time. Take time for everything else here in this list.  Love yourself enough to know that loving you is number one, you deserve it.

Dear 2014 Here’s why I hate you AND I love you

Dear 2014,

There is really no other way to start my note to you than to say goodbye and good riddance, thanks for one of the greatest gifts of my life.

2014, you will go down in my history as a memorable year.

In January 2014 I was unsure. I was confused.

Under it all I think I was bored.

I was ready for some big changes.

Ready to RENEW. For something NEW.

A tough year on many levels and yet something magical happened.

My gorgeous Lily Alice chose to join me in this world. Thank you.

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