The Battle Within…. for ripple creators on the brink… To quit OR to leap?

This is for you if you feel called to make a difference through your life and business… but the vision is still in the future, rather than it happening right now, in the present… 

This is for you if you resonate with being a change maker, a rippler creator, a messenger.



Are you making your difference? Are you sharing your unique message that only you can share with the world?

Or… is it still bottled within? Is the magic of you being withheld?

Perhaps even mistrusting that it really exists? Are you doubting yourself? Doubting what you feel inspired to DO, who you feel inspired to BE?

There is a part of you that has clarity on what you are here to do. But there is another part of you that fights this, perhaps even on a daily basis. You’ve spent countless hours, and so much energy on trying to work through the resistance. And you’ve tried so many paths. Invested in so many business activities.

And still… you are waiting for the results. You await the abundance of clients and money. You’ve yet to see the return you desired. Each time you invest you justify the expense as you feel this will make all the difference. Just one more course, just one more thing will make the difference. But it never does, does it?

There is a part of you that wants to throw in the towel and give it all up. Obviously you are not enough, haven’t done enough, invested enough, whatever enough!?!

And yet the calling never subsides. The vision is still alive in you. This is your soul stirring. This part of you that wants to expand, that wants to make a difference and live an extraordinary life.

You can choose to squash the calling. You can choose to dismiss the vision. But it will never leave you. It is waiting for you to step up. And it will keep trying to lead you to the path you are destined for in this life.

Is this the battle playing out within you?

Do you feel you have no one to share this with? No one who understand you and what you are going through. You feel alone in this. And perhaps even a little embarrassed and perplexed.

If this speaks to you then we are one. I’ve totally been where you are.

You are awaiting the breakthrough.

And my message for you today is to know this…

You are on the right path. ALL is divine timing. It always is.

You CAN let go of the ‘battle’.

Expansion requires you to say YES to YOU.

ALL of you. 

With joy and pleasure. From passion and love. 

It is time. 

Here’s a little starter exercise for you. I invite you to do this today…

Quieten the mind. Go deep. Listen to your heart. Ask yourself “What do I want from life?” and do not answer with things, do not focus on business alone. Answer from your soul, your heart – how do you want to feel? What do you want to experience? Who do you want to be? What would bring you the greatest joy?

Get out into nature. Quit digesting information. Be in YOUR own space.

To allow your calling to become your reality you need stillness to hear and receive your truth. Take the time. Hear the answers. Write them down.

You are here to live in joy, in passion, to experience, to love.

AND to change the world in the way only YOU can. You need your soul brilliance to be activated and bought to powerful life. So that you thrive as well as the world you wish to change.

Once you know what you most desire and you begin to trust yourself the path will become clearer.

But remember you are not meant to do this all alone.


Read on if interested in having my attention personally on you and your business.

I have just opened two new spots to begin working with me privately and shift the gears into creating your vision your way. Get my practical marketing and business support as well as deep soul and intuitive guidance to ensure you are stepping fully forward AND making your difference.

It is YOUR time.

No more excuses. No more sidetracking.

Only you will know if the time is right if for you.


I’m an online business whizz and a marketing strategist. And I create the greatest magic as a transformation soul led coach//consultant//mentor. I see you and I help you see yourself. My role is to help you see your brilliance, to own it and to share it and bring your most amazing vision for life into reality.

But you have to know this… I don’t have a secret formula that will all of a sudden ensure you triple your business this month. Formulas are easy to find. Some you may have even downloaded or purchased, true? But they don’t seem to fit you, right?

But they are not YOUR magical formula.

The magic is in YOUR formula and I help you tap into that!

I can’t fix you. For you are NOT broken. Thinking that you are not enough exactly as you are will keep you stuck for ever. You are perfect even in your imperfections. I’ll help you truly embody that.

You’ve not taken too long to reach your goals. The timing is divine, it always is. I can help you see that and find the magic in it.

I can’t supply you with any special superpowers. You already have them. They just need activating. We’ll do that together, you and I.

Truth is, you have brilliance within you. If you are resonating with me and what I offer then you already know this on some level. You already have superpowers that are just waiting to be fully set free and used. And you have your own secret formula for success that just needs to be uncovered and believed.

That’s my brilliance. Uncovering yours. And helping activate it so that you can finally say “YES I am living my life my way and making my difference!”.

Let’s chat if it feels good for you to explore this. Contact me here and let’s start the conversation.

Why are you not making it happen?

What is it that you really want for yourself?

What about for your business? 

And what do you really want for your clients?

What would it take for you to bring this alive as REALITY?


Over the years I  have noticed many soulful entrepreneurs are playing small.

They have a great vision. A calling. Desires.

But they continue to play small and not make the vision come real.


They are settling.

Settling for what comes their way.

Settling for what is.

Trusting they will receive what is right for them.


If it’s not happened so far it ain’t about to happen just by chance.


Your vision, your desires, your empire are waiting for you.

Your clients are waiting for you.


Why are you not laying claim to it ALL?

For You. For your clients. For the world.

Why are you not making it happen?

It is time to drop all excuses if your desire is true for you.

If your vision will impact your life, your clients, the world in a positive way.

It is time. To DROP ALL EXCUSES.

It is time to stop simply accepting what is.



Lay claim to the vision you hold within.

Create the reality – Create your empire.

Your tribe is waiting.

Will you step up and lay claim to make it so?

This is my passion. To help you bring your vision to reality.

Reach out for help today.

It’s time to leap

The time has come.

Are you feeling the call to step through something massive? Have you been on the brink of a breakthrough for too long?

Does it feel like you need to leap out of a plane or off a cliff? And to do so without knowing if your parachute will open?

Not knowing. Not knowing if you are ready. Not knowing if you are prepared enough.

Not knowing if the parachute will open.

But knowing all the same that you must leap to experience the magic.

That you’re in a holding pattern until you do.

The time has come.

For you to embrace your power.

For you to be the leader, the teacher, the healer… you are here to be.

It's time to LEAP

It’s time to leap. And you know it.

And yet, to leap takes a courage you don’t know if you have.

You want to be sure all will be ok. But there is no such assurance.

Not with the leap you wish to take.

The ‘ok’ you hope for doesn’t exist. Because something far greater exists.

Extraordinary exists. Magic exists.

And it’s waiting for you on the other side of ‘stuck’, of ‘delay’, of ‘holding it in’ and ‘holding it back’.

You feel it. The pull to something more.

But you and I know it’s not ‘the more’ you are hearing all around you. The drive for more things, for more money, for more accolades. That more is not your more.

The ‘more’ you want is divine. It is Peace. Joy. Love. Passion. Ease. Adventure. Connection. To leap towards your heart, to step into your heart, to be the change.

To be yourself. To be of service. To BE.

This is your given. Your more. And it is just on the other side. You know it.

You’ve always known you have something to give the world.

To inspire. To teach. To transform. To heal. To facilitate. To create.

You heed the call to BE the change.

Even though this crossroads is hazy it’s your time to decide.

Will you leap?

And really, is there any other option?

Not if you want the more you want.

Not if you are to say yes to your hearts desires.

Yes to being the change.

Yes to living an extraordinary life.

Yes to Magic.

You are at the crossroads now.

And I am here holding out my hand to you.

To take your hand and to be your guide.

There are new ways. Our world is shifting.

Some of the new ways are not new at all.

The stepping into your feminine power.

It’s time to reclaim your inner goddess.

And some of the new is new.

The global marketplace. The ability to make global change.

Embracing technology. Embracing the online opportunities.

For technology and the online world can create powerful positive change.

And you can be one who steps up to make that so.

You know in your heart that this is true. And you are ready.

You are ready to be unbound.

You are ready to be free.

Will you say yes to your next? Will you say yes to receiving support? To being guided to your extraordinary?

If it calls to you, if my message resonates then I am ready to hear from you.

Reach out. Let’s connect. Let’s play.

Because life can be play. Work is outdated. It is time for you to play. To be creative. To be part of the new reality.

Let me be your guide into the new.


Feeling fatigued & overwhelmed by other peoples content & marketing? There is a way out… and I share it here!

Has Facebook Fatigue hit you yet? What about email inbox fatigue? General marketing hype overwhelm? Are you drowning in marketing messages?

Are you tired of people trying to sell you the golden ticket that will change your life or your business? Are you stuck in constant learning feeling you need to know just that bit more to be ready?

Sick of being told you have to do this? Say that? Be something you are not?

Is it just me feeling this way and noticing this? Surely it cannot be.

If you find yourself stuck in the mode of digesting other people’s content and scrolling other people’s updates then this blog post today is for YOU.

This is all really no surprise given the massive growth of online networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, not to mention the world of YouTube, Podcasting and Blogs. Oh and let’s not forgot the tool that makes it all hit us hard, the amazing technology available to us today on those small handheld devices called phones.

There is a lot of marketing and it is hitting us all directly every day. It’s perfectly targeted because these days that is so easy to do.

OK to be fair I have been a part of this. Yes I market. Yes I promote. I even teach others how to market and promote.

And I will again for sure. It would be stupid to do otherwise.


Right now TODAY there is a part of me that just doesn’t want to. I feel like being a kid and throwing a tantrum because in so many ways I just don’t want to be part of the noise.

Because the noise is deafening. And it’s crushing the souls of so many passionate talented entrepreneurs and ripple creators.

I sense this general marketing fatigue and overwhelm is rampant.

It’s confusing.

And it’s soul destroying.

I also sense this is completely and perfectly timed to where we are in the landscape of global change and individuals stepping into their individual and their collective powers.

So please don’t let the marketing fatigue and the overwhelm eat you up alive.

It’s just a test.

And there is a way out. And the way out is also the answer you are awaiting that will have your business soaring to new heights.

Stop Allowing the Soul Crush

It’s simple really.

But simple is not always easy.

Bringing it to reality may trigger you in unexpected ways.

You may even shrug off my words here.

But if you stop awhile and take some time to reflect on what I’m about to share you may see the answer within.

It’s time to stop allowing the soul crush. YOU have the power and only you. 

It’s time to give juice to YOUR creative ideas and not other peoples.

Even though I may come up with amazing creative ideas they mean nothing until I take action. The same goes for the many clients I’ve worked with over the years. And probably for you too, right?

Ideas are plentiful. 

But ideas are nothing without action.

And if you or I are coming up with great ideas but remain stuck in the space of looking at and digesting the content of others then we are not taking action on our ideas. We are NOT creating.

Our ideas need action.

Our ideas need creativity.

We need to CREATE.

And we can only have great ideas, take action and be creative when we allow time and energy for exactly that.

If we give all our time and energy to other people then there is none left for us.

And when our energy is with other people we do not tend to value our ourselves, instead we place value on others.

So the answer that I allude to is this.

The simple answer is to take your energy back.

Give your time, your attention and your energy to YOU.
To YOUR business. To YOUR clients. To YOUR prospects.

Get super selective about digesting other peoples content.

Quit scrolling. Or at least do it a LOT less often.

Quit giving your energy to others.

Decide to give your energy and your attention to YOU.

To your creativity.

To your ideas.

To the actions that will be key to bringing your ideas and creativity to light.

Imagine if it’s just an hour a day that you currently give over to other peoples stuff.

Take that hour back.

Use that hour wisely.

Get creative.


Take Action.

The results will astound you.

And it may just be easy.

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Are you holding back from making YOUR difference?

So often what holds us back is ourselves.

We are too busy.

Too overwhelmed.

Don’t have enough money.

Not skilled enough.

Not good enough.

Can you relate?

Truth bomb time.

Playing small does not serve the world.

Excuses place the burden outside of you.

And in reality YOU are the only one who can do what you are here to do.

You Are Enough

Yes, you are enough.

If you really want to make your mark, sometimes you just have to get out of your own way.


That means stop thinking SELF.

Let go of excuses even if they seem true.

Trust your vision even if it’s not clear enough.

Think beyond yourself.


What are you here to do?

What would make your heart sing?

What difference would you LOVE to make in the world?


Take a few big deep breaths and answer this.

If there were no excuses and you knew without a doubt then…

What are 3 actions you would take TODAY to move you on the path to creating the bigger picture, to making YOUR difference?

The first 3 things that come to mind are usually the right things.

Note these down on 3 Post-It notes or a large blank piece of paper.

Pop this in front of you. And DO those things.

You are here to make a difference.

YOUR difference.

Now get to it.