Who does she think she is?

Have you ever come up with a great idea for your business, thought out the offer in detail, but then NOT invited anyone to purchase it? Or put it out there but then sabotaged your success by letting your mind chatter rule your actions.

You know the mind chatter that has you questioning if you know enough, if you are good enough, if others would or are doing a better job of it… and perhaps you really should just hold off for now?

If you think you are the only one that experiences this self sabotage know this… you are NOT alone. Just about EVERY client I have worked with over the past 10 years has experienced this and it is one of the greatest blocks to growing a thriving business that allows you to make your difference.

And this is top of mind for me right now because my own inner chatter almost stopped me opening the doors to clients this week for Money Shifts. Here’s how it looked for me:

Teach a course about money? Really? Who do you think you are? There are others better at teaching this than you. You’re not rich enough or successful enough to be teaching about money!!!

I had two options. Listen and cave in to the mind chatter, cancel the course and move on. Would that have served me, those that would join me for Money Shifts and the world in general???? NO way.

My next option was to find the underlying truth and focus on my inner desire to make a difference with a topic that is near and dear to my heart and the work I feel called to do.

I have chosen option two 🙂

Here’s part of how I turned the mind chatter around.

I’m not the owner of a million dollar business, that’s true. And yet my business has bought in well over a million dollars in revenue over the years.

I’m not successful enough, maybe partly true. And yet, I’ve built a sustainable 10 year strong, online business that serves clients across Australia and globally. My business is our sole family income and supports the relaxed and wonderful lifestyle that we choose.

I don’t have millions in the bank, that’s true. And yet, here I am in a financially stable position and over the years have saved for all the things I most desired. And I love to be the steward of money, allowing it to circulate in the world!

There are others teaching this topic or similar and doing a great job of it, that’s true. And yet, my story, my experience and the way I will be sharing and teaching this topic WILL resonate with those this work, my particular blend, has the ability to heal and impact.

I’m certainly not perfect with my money, that’s true. But does my tribe want to learn from Miss Perfect, or from someone who has been in the same trenches they perhaps are in and has found a way to LOVE money and make an impact.

It’s all in how we turn the thoughts around. This I cover in great detail in Money Shifts including sharing powerful step by step processes that can turn everything around for you, put the sabotage to bed, and most importantly align you with your truth and desire.

So to hell with all the inner chatter. Soul never sends us missions we are not capable of carrying out. If I sit still and listen I know the truth. If I trust who I am and what I am here to share I know that this is part of what must be shared.

Mastering MONEY is essential when it comes to passionate business folk making their difference in the world.

In the interests of full exposure and honesty and to defeat my own inner demons I included a bullet point version of my money life milestones for you on the Money Shifts invitation page.


Are you ready for the shift? I’d love to have you join me for MONEY SHIFTS.

MONEY SHIFTS is an online course for soulful business owners.
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The evolution of // Money Shifts // the course

Here I share an honest story of how Money Shifts evolved and my big lesson on surrender, trust and timing.

MONEY SHIFTS is an online course for soulful business owners. 
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OK so the background story… in 2011 while pregnant with my son I received a clear download / soul inspiration. It was for a book I was to write. The title was clear, the content was clear and all I needed to do was write it.

But I didn’t.

And I kicked myself (mentally, not physically!) many times over the years, for not taking action on such clear guidance.

Finally at the start of 2016 it has all become clear.

I was not blocked. I was not resisting.

I now see there were lessons I needed to learn and integrate. Having the idea planted meant my awareness was switched on which I now see as the gift of having the inspired idea way before the timing was right.

So I wasn’t blocked and I wasn’t procrastinating or resisting.

And here’s another idea that came to me this morning. WE were not ready.

The energies that surround us hadn’t shifted. You know all the talk of 2012 being the year of massive shifts and how the reality of 2012 wasn’t all that was expected?

Maybe there is something in that. 2016 is already feeling very energetically powerful. So perhaps, just maybe, 2016 is the year that perhaps we thought 2012 was going to be.

Ha!!!! Imagine that.

So if you’ve been at yourself, critical, and feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern maybe you have. But maybe it’s not you, it’s the world.

And the time is now ripe. 2016 is the year we’ve been waiting for. 

Within the first few days of this year I received a massive hit of inspiration to get back onto this idea and bring it to life QUICKLY. It was time.

Not as a book. But as an online course.

Do you also feel that 2016 has an energy about it unlike any other year? and you feel really ready to make your impact? you want to clear the money issues from your life and create a relationship with money that sees you receiving abundance? you want to be in your flow?

Then this might just be for you.

I invite you to join me for Money Shifts.

It’s designed to impact ALL areas of your life starting with your MONEY.

Jump on board this week for the early release pricing and save.

We get started next Friday if you decide to join me.

It’s time for a MONEY SHIFT. A world shift. A YOU shift.

Let’s do this. www.moneyshifts.com

Big Love & Sparkles

Belinda Jackson

Hello 2016 – Free Guided Visualisation

Something I find really valuable and personally gratifying at this time of year is to take time to reflect on the year that has been, to celebrate the good, acknowledge and celebrate the not so good, and embrace it ALL.

Below I’ve included FREE access to a guided visualisation to help you through this process.

It’s been a big year for me with much transition, transformation and a fair share of chaos. Within it all I am able to find the silver lining and there is plenty of gifts as there always is when you look for them.

I also love to get clear on my next evolution and my true desires for the year ahead. So much possibility!

I’d love to share this experience with you so I just recorded a guided visualisation to walk you through the soul led process. This is my gift to you.

I encourage you to take 20 minutes to be with me and to allow your heart to speak its truth to you.

=> Download the MP3 here

I believe 2016 is about stepping into your truth, coming full circle to completion and clarity.

At this time of year there is plenty going on so remember to give yourself the gift of allowing time and focus to reflect and open your heart.

Thank you once again for being in my community. Let’s together create BLISS in our lives in 2016 as we create positive ripples in the world! Catch you in the New Year!

PS If you do not already receive my eLoveNotes direct to your inbox I’d love for you to subscribe below so we can dive into 2016 together!

Your Artist Within

As soul led entrepreneurs we are essentially artists.

We are creatives. We are here to create art. To create our message. To lead with our truth.

And to be said artist and leader we MUST stop looking to the path that others have led before us.
We can be inspired, yes. But we must create our own path. Our own way.

An artist does not follow. An artist creates.

They lead their own path through creating from the heart, from passion, from emotion, from love.

An artist does not do it for money. They do it because they can not NOT do it. They must do it. It’s what they feel called to do. It’s what makes them feel best to do.

And when an artist steps fully into their full creative and brilliant potential they will receive money for the gift they offer because it becomes like a shining light inviting an audience who resonate.

An artist knows that some people will hate their art and some people will simply take no notice of it and move on. None of those people count.

The people who count are the ones who are drawn to the art. Who say yes to the art. They are the ones who matter. You don’t create for them. And yet you do create for them.

You don’t create for you. And yet you must create to be all of you.

It’s who you are.

Yes you are an artist. And your art is what you are offering the world.

Listen to your heart and soul as you create and grow your business.

Allow your creativity to flow.

Anything less is not enough.

When you are in your creative magic zone you are producing the work, your truth, the content, the art that only YOU can ever create.

A true artist comes to know that is where their power is.


Are you creating from your artist within daily?

It feels so good and I highly encourage you to dive on in.

The more you do, the more you will be making your difference.

Be like Wayne. Make YOUR difference.

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. Wayne Dyer

Recently my Facebook feed filled with messages and pictures of Wayne Dyer. His passing bought his words, his wisdom and the memories people had of him to the forefront.

He was a spiritual leader and he made his difference.

And people were remembering.

So many people I follow and some I know personally shared how they had been touched by his work. And that made me feel JOY at who I had in my world.

This spiritual leader has impacted many lives. And his legacy lives on as there is no end to the lives that will be impacted through his quotes, books, recordings and more.

He created his legacy by sharing his truth… his wisdom.

AND his work is now embodied in a whole new generation of spiritual leaders.

Each having their own light to shine.

They are not going to regurgitate his message. Instead they will simply blend their learnings from him with their own experience and inspiration to create their unique message.

I believe he would love to see more love inspired spiritual folk step up and SHINE.

And I feel most importantly what I take from this is a huge reminder to CREATE.

From and for LOVE.

This is a reminder for myself and for YOU if you are reading this.

A reminder to share our truth without delay.

If you want to leave your own legacy…

Live your truth and CREATE.

From and for LOVE.

What is your truth?
What do you want to share with the world?
What legacy will you leave?

Create and share YOU. Be your truth. You were born for it.

It’s time to say “YES I am living my life my way and making my difference!”.

Let me help you step up, SHINE and make your difference! Find out how here…