Be Bold

Boldness be my friend

Boldness be my friend.” William Shakespeare

What would you LOVE to achieve this week?

Go ahead and set a bold intention for the week ahead.

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The power of your BRAND

Every business has a brand. Whether you create the brand intentionally or your brand is created by default of not doing anything.

Your brand includes every aspect of your public persona – your logo, your website, your social media presence. Your brand is also presented in what you offer the world, your uniqueness and the emotions you create in your prospects and your clients.

Your brand is a powerful force that can powerfully repel or attract clients and money.

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13 Things about me

With this post I’m sharing 13 things you may not know about me. This comes after attending the ProBlogger conference here in Australia this past weekend, and getting a not so subtle reminder that human connection is key and that sharing more about yourself helps foster connection.

Why 13? Honestly, because it’s my favourite number and my lucky number. So, here goes…


One – I’m an Introvert. I find social conversations like the kind of chit chat that happens at BBQ’s, difficult. Although I’m perfectly happy with public speaking, as long as I’m talking about something I’m confident with, like business, marketing or money. I do LOVE people, there is nothing more interesting than people.

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Scary Roller Coasters and Taking Business Leaps

Scary Roller Coasters and Taking Business Leaps


My daughters latest library book is called The Screaming Mean Machine. It’s about a young girl and her adventure to a fun park. And her journey to experience the big scary roller coaster. Last night as we read the book I connected the excitement and fear of riding a roller coaster with the business owner wanting to leap and grow.  There is a journey within each story – a journey to finally riding the roller coaster and the business owner on the roller coaster ride of growing a business.

At the start the young girl is too small to go on the big roller coaster. But she watches it, wishing that she could. Many business owners watch the success of other businesses, and wish that they could have that kind of success and results too.

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Are you taking your business seriously?

Let me ask you… Are you taking your business seriously?


If this question got your attention, take a moment to step away from your desk, and check in on yourself. How do you know you are (or are not!) taking your business seriously? Is the revenue showing you the answer?

It’s all too common for solo business owners to have big ideas and amazing world changing dreams, but on a daily basis to NOT really be taking their business seriously. Sometimes that looks like procrastination, sometimes it is fear and doubt controlling your actions, or a lack of clarity creating confusion on what to do. Perhaps it’s even acceptance of less money than you would expect in a JOB!

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