Holding back on the big magic

It’s time to stop comparing yourself with what you see others doing.

You don’t need to be fixed or healed.

You just need to get back on track with your desire and your purpose.

And I can help.

But first I want to share honestly with you about my own journey down this same laneway of comparison. How I have held myself back and questioned it ALL.


And not just once. Many times over.

I’ve always been clear and confident that I am here to serve. I am confident in my ability to produce amazing life and business altering results. I go deep with clients and yet I also provide super practical tools and training to ensure the deep work translates into real world results.

I know the value of my work.

Sort of.

You see, I’ve been successful in business and yet, in all honesty the scale of my success is TINY. The vision I hold within and have held within for years is MASSIVE. It is much larger than what I have created. So far.

So it would seen I’ve held the BIG desire and the BIG vision within.

I’ve been unpacking the whys. There are a few reasons for holding back and holding what I have within. Here are the top three I’ve uncovered for me.

One is investing too much time in comparison. Yup. Yucky comparison. It feels crappy and it is crappy. Thinking I am researching the competition when really what I am doing is keeping myself playing the wrong game. Time spent researching what others offer is time NOT spent creating what is within me.

Two is family and balancing business with babies. This one I’m totally ok with. Sure I’ve suffered mamma guilt and I’ve learnt to balance business and babies sometimes well, but most times perfectly imperfectly. In my ten years of being in business I’ve also given birth to 3 babies. That means less time and less energy for birthing and growing within my business.

Three is giving away my power. Thinking others have something or know something that I do not. This leads to investing heavily into learning more, to be more, to have more. Literally buying into the illusion that as I am, I am not enough. This is total bullshit, of course. Yet this pattern is rampant amongst female entrepreneurs looking externally for answers instead of tapping into their own truth. I wrote about copycatting your mentor recently here.

So back to reason one, comparison.

Here’s how it has looked for me. I scroll through my Facebook news feed and come across a message that grabs my attention. I read more, perhaps click through. I’m impressed and inspired at first. It could be a website, an opt-in, a video… the ones that get me most hooked into comparison tend to be very aligned with my own message. The comparison cloud rolls over and has me questioning my own work, and often has me feeling that I should be doing MORE.

We are often looking for some kind of acceptance or a reflection that our own message and truth is of interest to people. We see another soul share a similar truth and instead of receiving the reflection of acceptance we instead take a negative approach of condemning ourselves for not sharing first. 


The truth. We all have unique and amazing skills, messages and desires.

Right now the world is going through great change.

Systems are crumbling. New paradigms are emerging.

Many of us are receiving intuitive hits and strong desires to be part of this change. To share powerful messages. To lead others through changing times.

But we choose whether we ACTION such desires.

When we see another sharing powerfully and participating in the change, perhaps even leading the change, we have choice. We can compare and waste our precious time. OR we can get inspired and move into creating our own magic.

Choose well.

It’s time to be a part of these amazing change filled times.

Lead the change. Be the change.

Create. Share. Lead.

I can help.

My bold declaration. I can help you OWN your talents, brand your magic, roll out effective marketing that grows your client base and your business, make YOUR mark on the world. Create your Soulful Empire.

That is my desire. My vision. My purpose.

So, if you too are here to create change and business is your path how about you stop waiting, stop comparing, and get into inspired action to make it HAPPEN.

Reach out today if it’s time for us to connect.

We can start with an honest review of your situation.

At the least you’ll walk away with my feedback feeling inspired and clear. And if we are a good fit, you’ll invest in your business (affordably), COMMIT to your vision and get my help.

Your PROFITABLE Soulful Empire is ready for you to say YES.

Oh. the B.O.R.E.D.O.M. Time to ditch the old boring rule book.

Walking through the gates into school. You arrive on time, just as the bell’s about to ring which you know means you’ll need to quickly get to your first class on time. Seated, you’re ready for class to begin. The teacher enters, everyone falls silent, class begins. An hour passes and you’re feeling restless, bored and in desperate need of a wee. You’ve been sitting in the same spot since you got to class and you’re going to remain in the exact same spot knowing that interrupting is frowned upon.

You don’t want to be ridiculed or to stand out. You don’t want to be an interruption to the class. So you sit and wait. But you’ve checked out. The words coming out of your teachers mouth sound like waffle. You’re not able to concentrate and anyway, you are B-O-R-E-D out of your brain. The topic just plain sucks.

Finally the bell rings. You wait for the signal from the teacher. You scramble up rushing to the nearest toilet block. Relieved, now it’s time to eat. You eat your lunch and have a bit of a play. You’re just getting into a good round robin game of ball when the bell rings once more. Lame! With a frown you head back into class.

This is your day. Your every day.

But when the weekend comes, everything changes. You are free. FREE. To do whatever the hell you want. You do fun stuff, adventure around the neighbourhood, create things, daydream, watch movies, whatever you want! You live for the weekends and dread Monday mornings every Sunday night.

Sound familiar? It’s a common scenario for kids in the western world.

Being told what to do and when has been ingrained in us since our early years. Leaving the good fun stuff for times outside of our ‘work’ time is ingrained in us too. We are accustomed to following rules and not standing out.

It’s time for change.

In the world of schooling there is the Un-Schooling movement. It turns traditional schooling on its head! It’s the rule breaker of the schooling system, and for many it’s producing great results. Un-Schooling is far from the ’norm’ and requires a total mindset shift.

The modern day entrepreneur could learn a lot from the Un-Schooling movement. And could do well with a rule breaking mindset shift too!

Modern entrepreneurs are following rules and models that no longer work.

We’re at a turning point in our world right now, creating businesses founded on freedom, that do good work, and honour people and our earth.

And yet we follow rules that serve an economic consumerism model. And we wonder why it’s not working.

The truth is we need to step back and SEE this for what it is.

It’s an opportunity. We are at the forefront you and I. We are the ones who can create change. But to create change we must change the rules. We must write our own new rule books and do things differently.

We must ditch the old and stale business rules.

So that we can make room for creating our own rule book.

A business rule book that serves ALL. That allows us to operate from a place of freedom, where we get to do good and feel good in doing our work. That serves our clients and creates positive results in the world. And where both directly and indirectly we impact our world in positive ways.

That’s the rule book we need to write.

Are you up for the challenge?

Come join me to Un-School Your Business and write your new love-fuelled business Rule Book.

=> CLICK HERE to [Un-School Your Business]<=

Ditch the ‘old school’ business rules and let’s courageously re-write the rules to suit you, your clients, and the world. 

There is NO cost. It’s my gift to you. Just click the link above to register. Easy peasy.

You and I, we are here to change things.

Break the Rules. Un-School Your Business.

I’m not here to do ’normal’. And quite possibly, neither are you.

I just read a Facebook post that opposed my viewpoint on a controversial topic. I considered posting a reply to state my view. It was clear the person who posted was not interested in changing their view. And my own view was not about to be swayed so I did nothing. That’s right, I let it go.

I moved along and got on with my day.

I’m pretty consistently a ‘go with the flow’ type of a gal. I don’t do arguing well and I hate debates. I’m not a fighter.

And so you’d probably never have guessed that I’m a rule breaker.

But I am.

I’m strong and I’m determined.

I see myself as a quiet revolutionary.

Creating my own rules in life and in business. Leading and living by example.

I drive my hubby nuts at time when mid argument I stop him to say woo-woo stuff like ‘let’s return to our heart space hey?’ or ‘c’mon honey we’re a team’. But I’ll do whatever I can to diffuse an argument without caving in. Even arguing with my soul mate tears my heart apart because it’s not how I’m here to do life.

I’m here to love and to lead.

The core of my rule breaking is love fuelled with a focus on leading positive change.

I home-school/un-school my kids. I quit suburban life to live simply and travel. I earn the income for our family. If everyone else is doing something, I tend to do the opposite.

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What Happens When You Copycat Your Mentor As A Business Model

Picture this. Waking up in an exotic location. Wandering down to the picturesque beach. Breathing in that beautiful fresh air. Your soul feels alive. Meditation and yoga before breakfast. An hour or two of work on your laptop. Did I mention it’s work you LOVE that makes a difference. Adventures, lunch with friends and time to be are waiting for you this afternoon

And everyday the money rolls in for the work you do in your soulful online business.

Sounds mighty fine. In fact it sounds UH–MAZING.

That’s Naomi’s version of living the dream. And she saw it being played out by a few of the business ladies she watched online everyday.

Their images captivated her. And the way their clients shower them in public love, Naomi wants that too.

So when Naomi was offered a definitive course on creating her profitable online business from one of these awe inspiring business mentors she said YES. Of course she did. Smart move, right?

Except things didn’t go exactly as she’d hoped. She took the course. She did the modules. She followed the blueprint. And 8 weeks later she was…




The tech stuff did her head in. She spent hours trying to figure out her message. Her niche was still scratchy. She’d spent hours creating her opt-in gift. She even threw money at Facebook ads and enrolled in an extra Facebook course. Those ads did bring her some new email addresses for sure, but no CLIENTS.

Something just wasn’t working. She started questioning everything.

Am I good enough? Should I return to a ‘secure job’? Is the answer in another course? Is it worth continuing or should I just give up?

Naomi desperately wanted to stay out of the workforce so she could be there for her kids. She wanted a lifestyle. She wanted freedom. And she wanted to make a difference by doing work that mattered. So she knew she wanted to give this online business her everything. She did not want to give in.

Even when in doubt she felt an inner confidence deep within. That she was here for something more. That this WAS her path.

Then along came another course. This one marketed as being the answer to fill the gaps the first one left. It sounded perfect. Exactly what she needed.

Yes she thought. This will do it. So she signed up. Excited and inspired yet again.

This course really got her going. She goes back to work on her opt-in. She gets her website up. Her friends tell her it’s amazing. She starts blogging, she’s super active and committed on social media and the business Facebook groups she’s in.

Every day she reminds herself she must keep going. Don’t give in. Do the actions. Be generous in giving away great advice. People will notice that. Keep sharing and promoting, and clients will appear.

She ticked all the boxes step by step just as she was told to.

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Kat Loterzo on what it takes to be a superwoman and have it ALL

Kat LoterzoI’m excited to share this special audio interview with you. Kat is a mastermind buddy of mine and I love what she is about. So when I heard what she was working on I wanted to share it with you.

Listen in to Kat and I chat and get ready to hear about:

  • What it takes to be a superwoman and have it all.
  • Hear about how Kat shifted her life and her business and now makes millions doing what she wants, when she wants.
  • Learn just how simple it can be to breakthrough to the other side and get the results you want.

download the MP3 – click here or simply play using the play bar above. 


Kat is a superwoman. She runs a million dollar online business, is a best selling author, coach, fellow Australian and all round great chick. The past few years she has been travelling the world with her little family and has grown her business significantly as she takes the online world by storm with her hard hitting truth bombs.

Be warned she is relentless. She tells it like it is. She may just ruffle your feathers. And she is creating massive ripples in the world by standing fully in her truth and being real.

I would describe her as touch as nails, yet full of soul. She loved that description, by the way 🙂