Belinda Jackson
This is me: Belinda Jackson

Hi, I’m Belinda Jackson.

I work with business folk passionate about making a difference & creating their very own Soulful Empire.

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I’m a business & marketing strategist, a coach, a technology geek, an inspirer, a teacher, a guide, a gutsy sagittarius, a rule breaker (or creator!), and a life long adventurer.

I’ve built a sustainable 10 year strong, online business that serves clients across Australia and globally. I am passionate about life, about living in joy, about being all we can be, and breaking the paradigms of normalcy.

I  live with my husband, 2 kids & a baby, plus our 2 cats on a beautiful property on the East Coast of Australia, just minutes from beautiful secluded beaches. The photo below was taken at my local beach! We even have kangaroos in our backyard most days – my global friends LOVE this when they catch a glimpse on Skype!

UPDATE: I have taken my business on the road. My family and I have set off on a round Australia caravanning adventure. Yes, I’m still working with clients but I’m not at my desk everyday. I have arranged my schedule to ensure I have plenty of time to explore and BE in the adventure of life as well as to continue running my business and doing this important work in the world.

The History

As CEO of Web Chameleon I successfully grew an online marketing services business, from working with a handful of consulting clients in 2005, to a profitable & successful company with more than 150 loyal clients in 2012. The email marketing services division of this business continues to this day with many happy loyal customers.

Over the past 10 years I’ve released and successfully sold many products, programs and services. Some of these include the Business Blogging Program, Online Promotion Blueprint, Website Mastery, Facebook GO, Marketing Mastery, Biz Shifts, Your Profitable Brilliance, Brand Your Brilliance, Sacred Money Archetypes and Brilliance Activation.

I’ve also built over 100 websites and created online marketing plans and strategies for businesses ranging from the solo business folk right through to big corporate.

In 2010 I certified as a coach and added this element to working with clients so that I could go much deeper in making a difference. Since then I’ve coached and consulted with all types of business owners from massage therapists to business consultants, from coaches to psychics.

I have many clients and colleagues who will attest to my skills, but more importantly to the results we created and the transformation I helped facilitate. Check out what a few of my clients have to say here.

Some random stuff about passion and ME

We all have things we are passionate about right? Well for me business & entrepreneurship is pretty high on the list. I’ve always found I tend to gravitate to conversations about business, entrepreneurship, marketing or money.

It seriously makes my heart sing. Some think that’s strange. But if you are looking for someone to guide you on those areas maybe it’s a good thing!

Here’s a few other random bits of info about me;

  • I’ve been working in the world of online marketing since about 2002 and I love it. The online world is the land of opportunity for entrepreneurs.
  • I have a full depth of knowledge in the areas of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Copywriting, Web Design, Email Marketing, Blogging and Social Media.
  • I’ve personally created well over 150 websites in that time so I have a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t online.
  • I’ve operated a successful email marketing service and helped many clients create awesome email marketing & newsletters.
  • I adore money. I think it makes the world go round and when in the hands of good people with good intentions it has the power to change our world for the better.
  • I’m a budding philanthropist.
  • I ventured into business many times as a child: roadside pet rock sales, car washing drives, even buying lollies in bulk then reselling individual serves at a high profit margin. Being an entrepreneur has been with me forever!
  • My first real job after the teenage stints at Big W and the local Crowne Plaza Hotel (in housekeeping!) was as a Junior Artist. Yep, I’m an artist at heart.
  • In every job I’ve had since then I’ve stepped up quickly and in every case ended up working closely with the CEO and owners. I seriously cannot help but get involved in the top level management, marketing and growth!
  • I’ve ‘officially’ had jobs with these labels; retail assistant, housekeeper, junior artist, marketing assistant, graphic designer, digitizer (design for embroidery), sales account manager, marketing director.
  • I’ve travelled to the USA extensively to ramp up my skills and attend trainings with mentors including Kendall SummerHawk and Ali Brown.
  • Most people who know me well tell me I have a wisdom about me far beyond my years. I just smile and get on with being me.
  • Love underpins everything in my life.

Learn about working with me here.