Be like Wayne. Make YOUR difference.

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. Wayne Dyer

Recently my Facebook feed filled with messages and pictures of Wayne Dyer. His passing bought his words, his wisdom and the memories people had of him to the forefront.

He was a spiritual leader and he made his difference.

And people were remembering.

So many people I follow and some I know personally shared how they had been touched by his work. And that made me feel JOY at who I had in my world.

This spiritual leader has impacted many lives. And his legacy lives on as there is no end to the lives that will be impacted through his quotes, books, recordings and more.

He created his legacy by sharing his truth… his wisdom.

AND his work is now embodied in a whole new generation of spiritual leaders.

Each having their own light to shine.

They are not going to regurgitate his message. Instead they will simply blend their learnings from him with their own experience and inspiration to create their unique message.

I believe he would love to see more love inspired spiritual folk step up and SHINE.

And I feel most importantly what I take from this is a huge reminder to CREATE.

From and for LOVE.

This is a reminder for myself and for YOU if you are reading this.

A reminder to share our truth without delay.

If you want to leave your own legacy…

Live your truth and CREATE.

From and for LOVE.

What is your truth?
What do you want to share with the world?
What legacy will you leave?

Create and share YOU. Be your truth. You were born for it.

It’s time to say “YES I am living my life my way and making my difference!”.

Let me help you step up, SHINE and make your difference! Find out how here…